of a solution to "happiness" in the name "M+M Apartman Hotel" pornographic websites registered as a member, after becoming the pornographic website thunder movie webmaster, responsible for upload to download movies obscene pornographic video, plus management posts. Reporters learned yesterday, a solution for alleged dissemination of pornographic material was prosecuted Fangshan procuratorate.

solution is a project of a construction company in Beijing, a member of the Ministry of technology, in the site during the life of a relatively monotonous, they fell on the network. In December 2011, a solution to the "M+M Apartman Hotel" browse pornographic websites, which are pornographic pictures, video, and "you have happiness" as the user name registered as a member. To browse to the contents of the more sections, the application of a solution to become the site of the thunder pornographic film version of the administrator.

M+M Apartman Hotel was founded in 2009, the server is located outside, more than one million registered members. In May this year, the Ministry of public security unified deployment in more than 30 cities to carry out a special action to arrest. May 17th, the solution was found in a dormitory on the Internet by the police. Police in the area of any of its administrator, extracted pornographic video 421, identified as pornographic items.

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