in the information consumption, people from the graphic era, entered the era of short video. And all the content of the work, should be changed. If 2015 is the spring of content creators just arrived, then the vitality of the content of entrepreneurship in 2016 has been very strong.

starting from a number of well-known content and media aspects of entrepreneurship, the current video is the golden age of entrepreneurship".

yesterday, the vitality of · 2016 headline creator conference site, announced in the next year will be no less than $1 billion to support the short video creators.

after the "million" thousand subsidies, the founder of today’s headlines, CEO Zhang Yiming announced in Beijing on September 20th, will come up with 1 billion yuan subsidy short video creators, the outbreak of power short video creation. Conference, Zhang Yiming is domineering declaration: today’s headlines have become the largest short video creators, not one.

Analysys think tank in July released data show that as of March this year, the short video market active users to 31 million 190 thousand, representing an increase of 66.6% over the same period in 2014.

not only that, in fact, as early as March of this year, Sina micro-blog has pulled out of the short video author support program.

some people say that 2016 is the year of the outbreak of the video, it was also said that in 2016 since the media year, it was also said that the year of the mobile Internet in 2016. Papi sauce from the 12 million investment in the floor, from the year of the birth of the million nets of red, you should know that 2016 is also a network of red years, the spring is really coming.

with Papi sauce, Ercoli Lee et al., red net is not only defined face white eyes awl face, the connotation of school began to be concerned about the people. Not only that, the major broadcast has become a platform, in short, the network began to civilians.

with the advent of the 4G era, the rise of the network speed, the decline in network tariffs and continuous improvement of mobile phone hardware configuration, the production and consumption of short video becomes extremely hot.

Even the iOS

version of QQ also followed the pace of the iOS 10 update, on the same day the launch of the QQ version of 6.5.5, a perfect fit iOS 10 new features, without opening QQ can answer the call friends; fit SiriKit, Siri can send QQ messages to friends and so on. The main increase in the "dynamic · day track", aging 24 hours short video.

but also a short video is not our imagination so simple, first you have to make sure the video creative, so as to attract the attention of others; secondly, the short video to your hard enough out of the ordinary, otherwise the same talent shows itself. Take the funny short video, your topic is not attractive, you have no funny talent, you >