2016 was an interesting year. It has come to an end.


for this year, the Internet industry is experiencing "winter capital", with


this year, we began to talk about "the Internet has come in the second half";

this year, everyone is saying, "there will be no Unicorn products";

this year, with the highly anticipated VR, AR and artificial intelligence is still in slow progress, has not been able to usher in the true sense of the breaking point".

every year, there will be countless products birth, development, change and death. 2016 is no exception.

this year, as an online university of the Internet, the three classes, but also play the role of the Internet industry observers. But for a long time, our attention has always been more emphasis on "product" and "operation"". We believe that, compared to the capital, "product" and "operation" itself is more specific, but also more rational and regular.

at the end of 2016, we review this year occurred in the industry the size of products and featured 10 events, we think this year is the most worthy of attention is the most representative events from Internet products, to share with you.

please note that because the perspective here is more emphasis on the product, which is similar to the drop Uber merger so more biased capital level event, in which we are not included in the observation object.

last year we have said, more attention to the "product", but also hope that more people can talk a little bit about the empty feeling and ideal financing figures and more down-to-earth research products focus on products.

* Note: the following events ranked *

event 1: WeChat and Alipay Spring Festival Red war

January 25, 2016, smug, intended to fight during the Spring Festival, with Spring Festival exclusive Alipay held a press conference, officially released during the Spring Festival, the red raiders.

but did not expect is that at 5 p.m. on January 26th, Alipay released at the Gala has not been able to grab the Red Raiders when people generally know, WeChat launched the "red photo", and in just a few minutes, completely maxed out my circle of friends, attracted all the eyebrows and the media are the V industry Alipay, completely stole the limelight.


as a starting point, WeChat and Alipay in the Spring Festival period, a history of the most intense red war, among these, the most interesting places that Alipay through "Wufu" activities, the Spring Festival evening bound super flow entrance, prompting users through Alipay — this is the relationship of at the Tencent social game empire.