Admin5 webmaster network September 24th news, on September 22nd, Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Xuzhou in the spring of the smooth sailing of the villa in the cloud. The conference hosted by the Admin5 webmaster network, Internet entrepreneurs club, the Xuzhou Internet association, Xuzhou newspaper media group, the new media development center jointly organized. The conference has been bShare, Sogou, Baidu alliance, phpwind alliance, China century, downtown network, Xuzhou meters letter technology, Discuz!, Peng support customer network and other units. The general assembly to open and win-win cooperation in the future as the theme, invited from Jiangsu Province, as well as more than 500 people in the industry, as well as the Internet industry to participate in the general assembly.

the current situation of the Internet business is becoming more severe, in 2012 individual owners, Internet practitioners will use a new way of thinking and perspective to look at the future of the Internet and the development of. In particular, individual owners and entrepreneurs, in the face of the wave of mobile Internet, but also to seek transformation in the pursuit of innovation, more healthy and sustainable development model. Jiangsu as a major economic province, but also the developed areas of the Internet, but also to carry the banner of the Internet business. The General Assembly invited the stationmaster net CEO graph king xinwangfu jewelry, CEO Fu Dekun, Ali cloud channel manager, but the sand laggards Ningzhe network founder Dong Qinfeng, CEO Zhou Ning and many other guests were made a wonderful speech. In addition, through the phenomenon of questioning, micro-blog on the wall, roundtable discussions and other interactive mode on the Internet a few popular industries, such as group purchase, local site, micro-blog marketing, cloud computing, Internet business and other topics of discussion. Xuzhou Maple letter technology company also sponsored by the general assembly for the value of 6000 yuan double server.


conference has made Xuzhou Internet association, Internet entrepreneurs Club leader Huang Zixiong speech, the keynote session, stationmaster net founder of graph king personal webmaster business prospects and how well the service made a wonderful speech. Figure Wang said that whether it is a personal webmaster or Internet practitioners, entrepreneurship is difficult, need more persistence. The grassroots webmaster does not have the Internet giant’s technology and capital, can not blindly pursue the perfect and large, and to do the details of the current project, improve services. In addition also graph king Xuzhou local business environment of his views, he said that although Xuzhou is the three line of the city, but since the opening of high-speed rail, has convenient transportation, five provincial roads connecting Beijing and Shanghai. Coupled with government support, the Internet environment is very good, welcome to Xuzhou entrepreneurs.

Xuzhou newspaper media group, the new media development center director Wang Hao introduced in the keynote speech on the development of the combination of local traditional media and the Internet in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Internet Conference to support the better. Morning meeting, Sogou alliance BD senior manager Zhang Lei, Ali cloud channel manager, but the sand Baidu union business manager Yang Yahui keynote speech, the alliance into cloud computing, small owners support and other topics were made a wonderful speech. In the afternoon of the general assembly, the founder of Dong Qinfeng as a veteran personal webmaster, brought the