forum is open to 2008-07-06, now just 8 days, so far: Today: 9153 | yesterday: 10203 | day: 16072, the highest daily flow has turned up to 1.5WIP in 5000IP station. So far 1.5WIP. I’m not bragging, I this is small, to have such a performance really feel happy. May see a lot of friends, I think I’m bragging, or brush, interested friends can look at their own

anyway, come here, I have to share with you to do a simple BBS forum experience.


forum and website same, the first step is to choose a good group, what are you doing, we must choose the good for what kind of group; and to grow, want to have a big potential, we must find the potential of a crowd.

second, looking for group is not that you can do, but to your deep understanding of this group, what members need, members will need what, what members love, love what you will, will want to know, so as to expand again and how development and the scale of the forum.

third, when you find a good group and a deep understanding of this group is to have good management and use of simple speculation (of course speculation is not to call you false), unlike the forum website, the forum has a lot of members of the exchange, we should guide members how to assist the development of the forum, which was rely on your management ability and hype. The instant you BBS popularity is good, management is always a popular member does not put up; and when you manage, do not use simple speculation (for example, issued a medal, T, etc.) it is difficult to improve a popular forum.

fourth, Baidu, no matter what the station in Chinese Baidu is always the largest source of traffic sources, we must know how to increase the Baidu included SEO SEO, I am a novice in this I will not say more.

on these, it needs more in-depth analysis of specific issues, objective and logical discussion and development, I wish you success!

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