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recently, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, a well-known public opinion supervision of private sites, 703 network caused concern. From the exposure of the police drove the police dog, Yang Xianghong, stranded abroad public servants working when playing online games, to the exposure of "most cattle Golf Association", "the housing real estate company"…… These "Mengliao" the parties have been accountability, also make the folk website www.703804.com small Wenzhou city quickly became popular, known as the "most Mengliao website", but has been dubbed the civil petition bureau".

founder of

fierce offending officials officials repeatedly moved

703 network is the Wenzhou Planning Bureau technical cadres Ye Zhe and two friends Huang Xuemin, Fang Ting together founded. "We called the" Wenzhou forum ", later renamed" Wenzhou eye ", until one day the leaves think" 703804 "is zhe Wenzhou dialect" homophonic, so drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters "and" 703804 "became the official name of our website." Huang Xuemin said.

Reporters from the

where a supervisor staff learned that the "703 nets" at the beginning, there were several officials questioned property complaints, the construction of municipal facilities of the post, which attracted the attention of netizens also offended many officials.

was founded at the beginning, the site has been repeatedly blocked, and each time before the ban did not have any notice, nor explain the reason.

from 2003 to 2005, the 703 network server across the country, from Hangzhou to Hefei, moved from Shanghai to Changsha. The shortest week, the longest two months. At that time our country’s management of the Internet is not very strict, often make a phone call can move the server. In the end, we were shut down on charges of ‘financial fraud’ or ‘illegal operation’." Ye Zhe said.

another time, the other side with a hacker on the 703 network to ban. A portal in Beijing to work for the users of Wenzhou ye ye provide technical support, teach them to crack this attack method.

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network supervision departments to reach a consensus

April 2005, Wenzhou "Shen Nobel incident" first in the "703 nets" exposed. A netizen in the scattered talk Wenzhou

Post on the

forum, Lucheng police open fake car hit and run requirements for justice. Posted by claiming to be a taxi driver, a silver car Bora car rear end, the other driver escape. He found, the owner of the car is the deputy director of the Wenzhou District of Lucheng City Public Security Bureau 110 command center Shen Connaught, the Department of the car deck.

in the afternoon, the thread reached more than and 100, hits more than 40>