"" Baidu "after the barren", the pursuit of innovation "Internet all-embracing spirit" will not be all gone in monopoly under the impact of


is now the Internet industry is Chinese confirms an industrialized iron rule: creation, dissemination, popularization, monopoly.

with Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba’s three giant enclosure, the industry shouted, Web is dead". In their opinion, "the spirit of the Internet will be all gone in monopoly under the impact of.

called the "spirit of the Internet, is a brave spirit, the pursuit of innovation all-embracing. It’s free, tolerant, independent and unruly had changed the ideology of the whole society. Before the Internet is very pure, it is more conductive in a concept.

and the emergence of monopoly, but also means that we must take the Internet as a kind of industry, with the principle of economics to consider it. Therefore, the rules of the industry and the spirit of the Internet is a fierce collision, and the Internet continues to tangle and lost in this collision.

in this case, the Internet industry has emerged a strange phenomenon: small sites, large sites to pick peaches. To buy the site, for example, around 2010, the United States has appeared in the United States as the representative of the first generation group network site. The creative SNS and e-commerce combined, in the industry suddenly whipped up a "group purchase of wind". Then, the group ushered in the second round of the outbreak of the site, the formation of hundred regiments war pattern. In May of this year, "hundred regiments" upgraded to "thousand regiments"". The recent intervention with Tencent, Sina and other giants, buy site industry is facing the first round of reshuffle.

"the domestic Internet industry is very impetuous now, whether big or small are all web site." In the industry, Li Ming (a pseudonym), it seems that the small site is copy foreign ideas, while the big site is a copy of the results of small sites. "They have formed a whole" industry chain ", the small website for living space is squeezed so to anything, There is not much left., introduction mode from abroad, and then with the first mover advantage, seek a space for one person; websites generally are generous, so they are very worried about the problem after the test The climate does not suit one., small website. If the market effect is good, so the site will choose killed in, use of funds and user advantages to resolve the first mover advantage."

the original Internet era, the scale is not large, we have their own living space, so the similarity between the site is very low, particularly good innovation environment. And now, the threshold of the Internet has been extremely high, the site is the first mover advantage." Li Ming believes that the previous site technology line is very clear, financing, technical concepts accounted for a large proportion. But VC who now pay more attention to the pattern, what the fire on what, and the site after getting the money, most of them have invested in the promotion, the real heart to improve the technology is not much. So, the website has high similarity crudely made, be not at all surprising."