for the recent U.S. Microsoft acquisition of YAHOO news, Ma said: we participated in the negotiations. We may be due to the addition of Microsoft to make the global network of Alibaba to expand. Microsoft’s CEO said that if Microsoft became a shareholder of Alibaba, Microsoft’s global network will be used by Alibaba."

in February 20th, by the Guangdong provincial government delegation of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang led the tour in Zhejiang, this station had no Alibaba. However, in this newly added site, the stay time of the delegation is extended from 30 minutes to about 50 minutes. Mr Wang also asked Ma "release speak, how many things about how much time".

put forward the "Shanghai why not keep Ma from the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Yu Zhengsheng?" to the Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang led the investigation of the Alibaba, for many small and medium enterprises in Guangdong, the Alibaba can bring what? This is worth considering.

February 27th, the reporter visits the headquarters of the Alibaba is located in Hangzhou business park, the reporter learned that, although the time of 50 minutes, most of them are ma and Alibaba B2B CEO Wei Zhe in Alibaba and growth strategy, but on behalf of the members of the delegation of touch and thinking undoubtedly will last for long time, because of the Alibaba in the 9 years from a small business growth for the international high-tech enterprises bring huge thinking too much, but for the small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs service "for the purpose of the Alibaba can bring what Guangdong a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to improve and grow, this thinking is even more urgent.

reception is on Monday (18 days) to inform us, so this should be a temporary arrangement of the trip." A Alibaba vice president told reporters, "I feel that Mr Wang should be more interested in the field of network, can see the value of this industry. Later we learned that Wang secretary and governor Huang Huahua in the Spring Festival also issued a letter to the network users pay New Year’s call interest in Ma Yun, he is naturally."

indeed, the ocean and the network have a deep origin. During his stay in Chongqing, he announced his personal e-mail, was elected to the Internet users in Chongqing 2007". But this time the direct cause of the trip to the Alibaba and the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Yu Zhengsheng discussion. Wang Yang: I specifically look at Alibaba

In the face of

Ma, Wang Yang explained his purpose to come straight to the point: "I just went to Shanghai. Yu Zhengsheng and I mentioned Jack ma. He said, unfortunately, Shanghai did not retain ma. Alibaba started in Shanghai, and later returned to Hangzhou. Shanghai has lost a giant enterprise, developed by small businesses. It is said that Shanghai had a good NPC and CPPCC period, "Shanghai why not Ma also discussed?" Yu Zhengsheng’s words made me a big shock, so I came to see, MA in the end is how a person, the Alibaba in the end is what kind of company."