recently, in the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification actions, "lily network adult edition", "dream Huai love" and "love city network", "day forum friends wedding channel" 35 serious violations of dishonesty dating sites (including sites dating channel) were shut down in accordance with the law. This is since the closure of the first batch of 65 serious violations of dishonesty dating sites, the state Internet information office with the relevant departments according to the masses clues investigation, shut down in accordance with the law and a number of serious violations of dishonesty dating sites. It is understood that this is a serious violation of the breach of trust is not registered in accordance with the law to fulfill the registration website, filing false information, dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information and other issues.

National Internet Information Office of the person in charge, after 3 months of marriage website serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification, most dating sites consciously strengthen the integrity of the building site, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users. The establishment of long-term mechanism for the construction of love and marriage website integrity is a long-term project, I hope the community and the masses continue to actively and actively report complaints to boycott the serious violations of dishonesty on the marriage website. The public can call 12377, or log in to report the complaint center website complaints.