, according to Xinhua News Agency (reporter Mao Yizhu) involving up to 484 billion yuan of the country’s largest online gambling series case in Guangzhou city court hearing in Liwan District on 11. Huang Jianpei and other 19 defendants were charged with the crime of gambling, gambling crime, is one of the largest number of cases in the 31 series.

2013, supervised by the Ministry of public security, Guangzhou police dispatched police nearly cracked a large network of gambling gangs together covering many provinces and cities nationwide, hundreds of people involved in the code "116" project.

according to the prosecution allegations, 2007, the defendant Xie Yangzhen (handled separately), obtained from abroad, the "crown" Wynn high and other gambling sites largest shareholder level agency authority, according to the "shareholders" as a "general agent" and "agent" and "member level management form, the use of offshore crown Wynn high gambling sites bet soccer betting and other online gambling, seek illegal interests from.

from March 2008 to April 2013, the defendant Huang Jianpei, Chen Ninghai, Xie Yangzhen (handled separately)’s instigation, in the city of Guangzhou, Panyu District and other manipulation, management of the "crown" Wynn high gambling website, responsible for online gambling account management, statistics, the number of gambling and gambling money settlement. After identification, 2008 to April 2013, the "crown" Wynn high gambling sites to accept subordinate agency of the total amount of bets about 484000000000 yuan.