A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 15th news, Alibaba digital entertainment group Alibaba responsible person, online video streaming service will be launched in two months, hoping to replicate the American Netflix and HBO.

the responsible person, the Alibaba’s video website named Tmall  Box  Office, TBO, will provide the domestic and international film and television programs, and programs within Alibaba production. TBO’s positioning is redefining home entertainment, becoming China’s HBO and China’s Netflix.

China’s online video services market competition is fierce, want to occupy a place in this field is not easy. Netflix also wanted to enter the Chinese market, but this is a great challenge for a foreign Internet Co. Alibaba’s strategy is to buy a huge amount of money to pay attention to the content of the video media, in order to get a lot of views. At present, Baidu, Iqiyi, Sohu, Tencent video video and music as the main rival in the field of Alibaba face.

but the Alibaba official said, TBO is not the same as with most domestic competitors, the contents of the 90% need to pay to watch, or monthly, or a purchase, the remaining 10% is free.

Liu Chunning, President of

digital entertainment group, said: our mission, as well as Alibaba’s mission is to redefine family entertainment. Our goal is to become similar to the United States HBO and Netflix services."

is not yet clear, Alibaba’s new service will be Youku potatoes and what kind of relationship. Youku potatoes is China’s largest streaming video platform, and Alibaba acquired 16.5% stake in the company last year.

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