The success of

are similar, not success seems to have multi reasons, where customers, Dangdang these once hot start-up companies have gradually faded aura, which is hidden behind the destruction of general gene.



missed the scenery of the customer, with palm residual arm, trying to survive.

shirt, T-shirt, these have contributed to Eric’s golden age category, has been out of control with faded expansion, where the customer’s quality, once to give users the best, the highest price of the customer, adding too much rough, lost the user, hurt yourself.

is now in the old desperately use all "high quality" means to exchange for users who have been lost, "where the customer is now just to give the user the best" vintage, find a batch of designers, design from the material, craft patterns to the version, every link to achieve excellence.

but the hurt of the word of mouth, how can so easily be reversed back?

in these gradually forgotten days, old marketing, design for customer, with the domestic electricity supplier pace, do in the effort, but compared to the years before the "quality" and instantly fell, all of them will look weak.


bad mouthing constantly Dangdang, is being privatized, what we do not discuss the stock price, as a member of the thousands of users, Enron is really looking forward to the breakthrough on the book.

may be a single category of books, so it is not enough to maintain the livelihood of Dangdang, Dangdang has hopeful market expansion: tail goods exchange, clothing, home textile, Home Furnishing, Dangdang, Dangdang supermarkets play a comprehensive mall, Taobao model, was "poor only money" Dangdang no matter how many tricks, finished, in addition to audio books, or other category did not grow.

rich, but still can not grow "Dangdang, edgy expansion, ignoring the user experience, forget has formed a user habit…… Only when a back is difficult, more difficult to move half role.

is a feature of Dangdang books, stretching from books, e-books and other audio-visual and more should focus on the development of the role of business, and the electricity commodity comprehensive push too much, the one who used to be a vertical business it is obviously very difficult. Enron’s expectation is that the future, Dangdang still more than in books, and the extension of business can also find out become an independent school, the other vertical electric goods, and give deep, not too much, too wide a comprehensive business platform.

China made

recently in Ali boost, Chinese quality made has Huobian Taobao, perhaps it had not reached the high > and Dangdang customer