according to foreign media reports, the Japanese business tycoon Le Tian (Rakuten) in February this year, Howard hit $900 million to buy Viber mobile communication services, the industry shouted accident. The deal announced on the other than Facebook a chat application WhatsApp $19 billion acquisition price five days earlier, with more than 500 million monthly active users of WhatsApp is the undisputed industry leader, but the Viber’s performance is not bad, beyond people’s expectations.

The latest

Lotte reported, Viber currently has 400 million independent users, compared with the end of 2013 when a significant increase of 280 million — but Lotte said Viber has 608 million registered users, estimated the digital download and duplicate user.

the user data is quite brisk, but also close to Line. Line currently registered users close to 500 million, it is preparing for IPO, will be listed in Tokyo or New York, or at the same time listed in both places. There are reports that the service valuation of about $10 billion for the acquisition of Lotte — 10 times the price of Viber more.

, however, there is a big difference between Viber and Line. Line has a very impressive revenue performance – in the last quarter, it achieved net revenues of $177 million, but it did not disclose profit and loss data. The success of its model also seems to bring inspiration to Le Tian, the latter is trying to build a similar Viber, multimedia content centric products.


CEO Miki Tanihiroshi (Hiroshi Mikitani) in today’s earnings conference call to start talking about Viber "explosive growth". He said, Viber downloads showed soaring in India, Russia, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other places. Lotte want to business service is integrated into the Viber application is not what secret, Miki Tanihiroshi is that the combination of the two can completely change the Lotte business growth model".

considering the Lotte market value has exceeded $16 billion, half the revenue of $2 billion 700 million, his voice is not small.

like around chat experience to build multimedia, electricity suppliers and other business applications such as Line, KakaoTalk, Miki Tanihiroshi plans to integrate more services to Viber, Lotte can let a more direct contact with the user, and promote revenue growth.


is not yet available in the Viber user level integration of any service, the application is currently only through the sale of face stickers, Skype international calls to make, but the commercial prospects of its light, Lotte spend $900 million to buy it seems worthwhile, especially considering the other mobile communication applications generally high valuation. For example, allegedly, no income generating capacity and registered users less "burn after reading" service Snapchat could reach $10 billion valuation.