affected by the macroeconomic downturn, the first 3 quarters of 2012, China’s department store net profit growth fell to single digits, the industry showed a downturn in performance, profit decline in the crisis scene.

at the same time, many enterprises have already dug in the Department of Internet channels, trying to break the layers of agents, circulation system segmentation, regional separatism limit. In this one, the state-owned enterprise transformation department is suffering from pains, Xidan shopping mall, Wangfujing department store, Wuhan in a large number of business enterprises often meet resistance.

therefore, billion state power network visited some large state-owned department stores, and generally combed several of its long-term hindered the main reason.

decision making under the state owned enterprise

"state-owned enterprises in the electricity providers to do this thing, no one is willing to act as a leader, because it is very easy to die a miserable, become martyrs pioneer." A state department responsible for electricity told billion state power network, "which do not actively lead directly to state-owned department store group business team and pure Internet business enterprise is not at the same starting line."

so, so the system exists under a series of decision: responsible for electricity enterprises in the low status group; resources less support; companies to avoid losses, ensure state-owned property value; the development of the electricity supplier to rely more on maternal profit support; the lack of independence of the electricity supplier sector etc..

billion state power network found in contact with a number of state-owned enterprises responsible for electricity department, state department store business managers is significantly lower in organizational structure status. This also brings a lot of business operations inconvenient.

online, offline thinking often leads to a different business strategy, and in the group’s top view, solid plate is obvious, it is more inclined to entity business." A person in charge of state-owned department has worked for the electricity supplier sector told billion state power network.

analysts believe that, in the opinion of most state-owned department stores, if not do business now, still can have a good life, so some group did not support and thinking to do electricity supplier, and there are some awakening and support to do commercial state-owned department action is extremely limited, these enterprises in the capital’s attitude tough, often is a senior does not require high margin, but not allowed to lose money "issued a death order.

Even if the

margin requirements to a minimum, but the analysts view this will still bring pressure to the department store business team, "10% of the gross profit of business have been quite painful, the line does not have its own brand, and if the use of the line of the brand, will bring double conflict, after all entities will bear the sales task."

not only that, according billion state power network understanding, now many state-owned department stores online purchasing department does not have independent rights, and all mining goods carried out by the line, the line on what line of complete by the decision, but often the traditional retail industry informatization level is not high, the lack of data analysis is a category may not be able to bring online good turn.