[October 28th] news billion state power network, ERP software service provider festivalwalk International Cooperation Director Yang Xiaoshan to the billion state power network, and a joint Alibaba launched a mobile phone shop based on personal social tool shop Amoy mobile distribution.


Amoy shop social mobile distribution promotion concept graphical analysis

Yang Xiaoshan said Amoy shop currently has 3 main functions. 1, the single PC store into a number of mobile phone shop. 2, the Tmall store will be promoted to major social platforms. 3, Alipay and distributors to achieve automatic account.

According to

billion state power network to understand, is a small shop Amoy social distribution tools. Its socialization is mainly reflected in the Amoy shop through the user will be able to promote the Tmall shop to major social platforms. As long as the user in the social platform to share Amoy shop merchant goods, and the formation of shopping, users will be able to extract commission. At the same time, users can also receive friends to share the goods, and the formation of the purchase. The final realization of the socialization of electricity providers put forward all buyers, sellers everyone slogan.

Yang Xiaoshan said that the shop Amoy is a strategic product transition festivalwalk from pure PC ERP to the PC terminal distribution terminal, mobile terminal, line and O2O full channel mode, Amoy shop will bear the traffic aggregation task for customers in the mobile terminal. She said that the current drainage measures have been open 3 items.

is a development of many individual businesses can use APP to store Amoy distributors distribution business products, can be divided into personal interests, while businesses can because people in WeChat, circle of friends, QQ space, Sina, micro-blog, SMS and many other social media to share the huge directional flow.

two is the development of personal business on their own businesses and distributors will be bound, businesses can enjoy several shop Amoy advertising bound bits in APP, which will become the business end fixed flow entrance in the mobile phone shop, Amoy APP users more businesses to develop their own, Amoy shop to bring the business flow will be bigger.

three is to join the promotion alliance, joint promotion alliance is the official launch of the Amoy shop, get a large number of promotional resources in the alliance business.

It is reported that

, in Amoy store development, Ali rivers provides a rich account number, goods, orders for Amoy shop (transaction), payment, marketing, data development services; Amoy shop to Tmall, Alipay and Taobao, to get through.

industry analysis, mobile electricity supplier will become a new growth point in the future of online shopping. Amoy shop launch, not only for the future of mobile phones Taobao camp adds a APP, but also shows that Ali’s only hand wash the dissatisfaction of the wireless Taobao system, intends to reconstruct the micro business pattern.

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