January 9th news, today morning, known as the APP terminator WeChat small program formally launched. Maternal electricity supplier platform babe network has also launched called "Beibei fight official" program, but there are some differences in the function of small programs and other channels.


billion state power network to understand, compared with WAP and APP, the babe network small program only supports a single product group fight mode, no search options and brand special mode, the user can not independently search goods. This babe network said, because the current WeChat to link is not very smooth, so the conventional APP is not suitable for the use of copy sales patterns.

babe network insiders said, and the complexity of platform of small procedures for the use of their own business is the main reason for the above phenomenon, but has not ruled out the possibility of iteration.

"regular APP can be downloaded or otherwise drained." And in accordance with the official provisions of WeChat, a small program must be applied to search the exact name or line scan code to use, and no fans, only the amount of visits. The insider said, the chain slightly complex, and cannot reflect the actual value to the users, so it is hard to say a small program can completely replace the existing APP.

in addition, babe network is also to focus on the community, the lack of subscription relations of small programs naturally difficult to meet this demand. Therefore, on the platform, a small program is more to explore a best marketing mode, "we should not go to Congress is no difference between a mall and its own APP small program, is to maintain a more attention and try attitude."