[Abstract] dangdang.com books, the lowest category per day free postage unified lower limit to the free shipping over 39 yuan.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) April 2nd news, Amazon, Jingdong adjust free shipping policy, Dangdang also joined the ranks of freight adjustment. However, with Amazon, Jingdong and other electricity providers to increase the threshold of free shipping is different, Dangdang reduce the free shipping threshold.

recently announced, dangdang.com to adjust the free shipping policy on its platform, the books, the lowest category per day free postage unified lower limit to the free shipping over 39 yuan (covering 2934 city nationwide), the 5 northwestern provinces (Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai) over 59 yuan free shipping (covering 377 city), a lack of standard free shipping 5 yuan freight.

At present,

package minimum amount of postage from the Jingdong before the purchase of 39 yuan increased to over 59 yuan, while Amazon proprietary platform, before the purchase of 29 yuan for freight up to shopping full 49 yuan to avoid delivery fee.

Dangdang will also strengthen the protection and distribution of goods to import books, for example, dangdang.com will consumers buy publications were plastic, used while adding delivery box in the distribution process.

In addition, Dangdang also introduced to buy your

double return policy. In the same period, the user after purchase within 24 hours of receipt, whether dangdang.com self goods, commodities or businesses, if its price is higher than the same large e-commerce sites (or platform) the same specifications of commodity prices (non promotional price), simply to provide users with other sites (or web platform the same goods store) links and a single product page screenshot and Dangdang order number and customer service, customer service after verification, dangdang.com will double the difference of the balance of payment.

analysis, double the return of the difference is more conducive to strive for price sensitive users of online shopping, especially the three or four line of the city, when they shop in the electronic business platform, will do the comparison on the purchase of commodity prices, which appliances more expensive things, they will be more inclined to which.

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