electricity supplier operation may have been a bad topic, many people say, know its flavor, not the cloud also has. But can not deny the point of a lot of problems, but also in the direction of continuous development. Although the electricity supplier double 12 did not double the glory of 11, but there are prominent highlights. For example, Taobao small and beautiful strategy, such as electricity supplier SNS trend, etc.. To say that the most recent discussion is probably the electricity supplier can not replace the traditional retail industry, small series personally think it is impossible. But this is not the key Xiaobian today to say, this problem many people out of the discussion is the fusion, perhaps this is the best choice, but it is not easy, or no tricks.

recently accepted a small gift website, ranking for its keywords. Would like to say that this site on how to start a traditional enterprise electricity supplier. At present, large and small B2C website is really a lot, many traditional retailers also recognize the need to build their own sales network platform, then find the site of the company made a B2C business platform, with an air of importance to start a website SEM operations, but in the end to what purpose is the final site although can make nothing of it. Built, but not a business platform is no good. All right, let’s go back to the gift website.

do SEO optimization is not only do keywords ranking

present the gift site do two things, one is the keyword optimization, the two is the ranking. But there’s no gain. Said the current small series in the key words to do optimization, do two words, the requirements should be on the home page. The basic features of these two words are as follows: 1 Baidu index in the more than and 80. More than 2.900 competition. 3 local words. No matter from which point of view, the two flow is not a lot of. This is one of the reasons why many web sites in the first place but there is no flow. Frankly we say, do keyword ranking is to bring to the site traffic, and the traffic may be a customer. But we are in the choice of words and did not notice the word in the end is how many customers in the target search, search. So the words do not search, not to flow into a lot of traditional enterprise business the pain.

but may be due to the industry vocabulary, geographical and other restrictions, we have to do the flow of words is not so simple. At this time, we can not only do keywords ranking, but also do other promotion. As for the promotion of a lot of ways. Here is no longer specific, to remember is to diversify the promotion site. The best is to do their own brand, to fight their own brand.

competitive ranking to achieve

how to do bidding Xiaobian is not very clear, but also know that the point is to enter the money, if you can not do the bidding, it is equal to the money in vain to the water so that it may not even a water splash. Electricity providers do bidding is nothing new. Not only do small business, even Jingdong, suning.com is doing. So there is no advantage at all