said the pace of by the beautiful trend, innovation, although the star wardrobe to go out of the ordinary transmission path, and a few times on the hot topic in the investment variety show broadcast, increasing the number of exposure, but subsequent heat does not bring too many bright spots, brand status has little impact on the beauty and


current concept of electricity supplier shopping seems to be gradually marginalized in the internet. Beautiful said in the previous two years, a longtime internet hotspot, and even many people assert that this beautiful and attached to the electricity supplier giant to commission mode, will be the mainstream of new electricity supplier in the future, and the dominance of the electricity supplier bigwigs of mutual dependence, mutual win-win.

ideal is full, but the reality is very backbone. Taobao passenger traffic was eroded, as the traffic is the lifeblood of Ali began in combat, the Taobao off overnight, and are beautiful to create the myth of the ashes to ashes. Electricity supplier giant seems to convey a clear signal: attachment and win-win that is a joke, our relationship is charity and charity. Naked show of "today I do not you suppress exclusion, I told you can not afford to worry about tomorrow".

Ali’s fear is not difficult to understand, no one is willing to own traffic hijacked by third parties. If you do not realize this, who will have a face in the electricity business?

then the electricity supplier shopping guide leaders with broken halberds defeat began to explore the transition and trial difficult.

after the 2013 hit and frustration, these shopping guide in 2014 electricity providers who are invariably put the goal together: improve the transaction closed loop ecology, transformation of its own electricity supplier platform. Among them, said is still beautiful and transformation camp in the combat capabilities of the most prominent members of the star wardrobe has after new attitude reached, accelerate the formation of a pull a small gap, the trend of War Within Three Kingdoms.

After nearly a year of

transformation of the road, and now, in the whole business change constantly like cloud and wave of blue ocean, they

the current situation?The

pattern between the era of electricity supplier and guide


Ali shares in Sina micro-blog, to fill the vacancy of social attribute, beautiful said lifted the knife. In the occasion of vital importance in the Tencent, this website survived, and was forced to complete a major transformation, this website is beautiful. After being blocked, the United States said that the rapid development of a set of merchant trading system, and began to attract businesses into the formal transition to C2C model. This time the transformation can be said to be beautiful, but at that time, all the people said to be cautious about the optimistic attitude of beauty.

but in 14 years, the beauty of the business did not increase the number of sales did not meet everyone’s expectations. While relying on Tencent traffic entrance support, they keep the existing position, but they are still some people focus