Tencent Francisco (Li Kang) July 17th news, following the recent encounter Skype agency problems in China, TOM online has been traced to break up with eBay, the cooperation between the two sides in recent 6 years of the joint venture company eachnet.com has been quietly dropped eBay.

it is understood that the first eBay by Shao Yibo (micro-blog), who was founded in 1999, in 2002, eBay was eBay $30 million investment, then renamed eBay ebay. December 2006, eBay and TOM online set up a joint venture, which TOM online holdings of 51%, eBay holdings of $49%. At that time, eBay provided $40 million as initial operating capital. However, with the strong rise of Taobao and other domestic electricity supplier website, eBay has gradually been marginalized.

latest news shows that as early as April of this year, eBay has become a wholly owned subsidiary of TOM group, eBay has quit. EBay official recently in an interview with the domestic media also confirmed the news, said the two sides had signed a 5 year agreement, and now no longer holds shares in the joint venture eBay.

it is worth mentioning that, eBay in the beginning of this year has been adjusted for China, Lin Yizhang served as CEO of greater china. According to he revealed in May, eBay will also expand on the overall investment Chinese to billions of dollars, are set to the vertical category and more active communication, and Chinese seller data analysis support and complete logistics solutions to the four strategy. Currently, eBay has registered a new company in Shenzhen.

in 2007, when TOM online delisting from the NASDAQ and HKEx, eBay and Skype two business layer was TOM group CEO Tang Meijuan high hopes, but both have not completed an important mission to expand revenue. Today, the operation performance of Skype dim uncertain, eachnet.com had disappeared from public view.