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iResearch for user data in 2010 the network application services, including micro-blog, B2C mall, group purchase ten services as application service in 2010 the most welcome users, in 2010 the "monthly total effective browsing time yearly or monthly growth rate in each application service forefront, and its 2010 November the number of monthly coverage" in 2010 to become more than ninety million people, has a certain influence, and the fastest growth and strong growth of the network application service.

from the top of the rankings can be seen, in addition to weekdays to get information and entertainment, e-commerce in the Internet application now occupies an important position, it is a part of the Internet users is to shopping. And in this case, e-commerce may be how to develop it?

first, the development of group buying website

prices rise, many people learned to buy a good day with the group. The latest data show that from the beginning of the outbreak last March, by the end of last year, nearly a thousand group purchase website for the retail market China network with sales of about 2 billion yuan, and continue to maintain monthly compound growth rate of 18%, sales this year is expected to reach 20 billion yuan market. Currently the site’s buying activities are not making money or earn only a few dollars difference, the source of income to advertising based. As a result of the early investment enough, so the site’s main task is not to make money, but to expand the site. The industry has been said in the past, due to competition in the future, China will not buy more than 10 sites to survive, the competition is indeed a big problem facing the current Chinese buy site. However, due to the Internet market and the foreign Chinese market, e-commerce transaction volume per year is the annual pace, so the network consumption Chinese is still very high, but in the future, with the related system of group purchase website more clear, the development of group purchase will be much more stronger.

two, the development of community e-commerce

in this year’s fiery degree of micro-blog can be described as amazing. And now micro-blog, although not the same as social networking sites, but there are some professionals say it will be a certain degree of impact on social networking sites. However, the use of micro-blog marketing community electricity supplier, this is also regarded as a complementary situation? E-commerce community practice has two kinds, one is to do e-commerce in the community, there is a community of electronic commerce. E-commerce and the Internet are inseparable, one of the drivers of the Internet is e-commerce, e-commerce community, including the future of the United States and the United States, there is a great space for development.

three, the development of enterprise e-commerce

The development is

B2C website is needless to say, Taobao side at Taobao mall, QQ will officially changed to QQ online shopping mall, logistics network market, the electricity supplier to join, Foxconn and other traditional companies also joined…… The development of this series of B2C e-commerce is indeed in 2010