today, I saw the launch of a product in a group called the Indus group purchase website, the core content is roughly like this: "only 68 yuan, enjoy the original 288 yuan value individual art photo packages, giving the whole film, shooting more than 80 pieces, clothing model and makeup group 3, finishing 26 Zhang into the book 10 inch photo magazine Volume 2 crystal photo album". This and the booming number of group purchase website exactly the same form, this is not what special place; and as I have been engaged in related industries but also Annaibuzhu curiosity: This product has just launched less than 2 hours, but there are many people to order; why users have such a large group purchase enthusiasm so low? Businesses also clearly unprofitable, shrewd businessmen are willing to "peibenzhuanyaohe"


let us first analyze why there will be willing to participate in the purchase of friends, there are so few other reasons: first, the need to fit. This product or service I have a strong desire to buy, but the original understanding of the price is too expensive; secondly, this product I can buy, but everyone around the group, I also want to add, this is impulsive consumption; again, more security, I want to buy this product, but is oneself don’t worry or quality problems, a group of security; this analysis down, the conclusion is very attractive, from the consumer perspective, this market is huge. The Indus group of this portrait is undoubtedly a large part of the product meets the needs of some users desire.

my attention to a "Doug" netizen ordered this portrait series in the Indus group, also left a QQ number; then add as a friend to talk a few words, "Doug" users with a few experience: "group purchase group purchase, I have a little regret, after all, no good cheap goods. It turned out to be better than we expected. I am a telephone appointment first, at 10 in the morning, when the store is not a lot of people, the surrounding environment is also better. What I am most satisfied with is their service". Doug also said a situation, the photographer also introduced me to some of the other services, but also did not feel excessive push service.

it is not difficult to see that the direct benefits of online shopping can bring to users is that the same goods to buy at ultra-low prices. For businesses, the group is a wholesale sales, low-cost brand promotion network. It seems that the network group to consumers and businesses have brought benefits, swept up is also the rationale should be. For example, the Indus group group purchase if there are 300 people who buy it from the price is not what profit, but from the 300 single business can do even 5% of the customers at the same time, the consumption of other projects, then businesses involved in such activities in the value reflected, and this point is not to do to only in the product creative work above OK. Ten thousand steps back, at least there will be nearly 10 thousand people to see the activities should be free to do a good advertising effect.

we see that the protagonist is always engaged in Indus group consumer guide service life of Wu.