Why is it so hard to roll out domain names! Do you have an English name?

I in March 21, 2006 in Guangdong oray.net domain Technology Co. Ltd. (now Shanghai Bei Rui Mdt InfoTech Ltd, xinnet.com new network agents) registered szboai.com English international domain name, according to the prompt, unit name and the person in charge of the unit (English) to fill in the name of my own wainfu English

in June this year due to business reasons for the transfer of the domain name to the name China, on the 12 day to apply, fill out the "new network" and "the transfer of the domain name of Beijing international domain name registrar transfer application form" and attached a copy of ID card sent to Guangzhou Tianhe Industrial Park Construction Road No. 15 first floor Oray.net operation group.

6, 21, received a telephone call from Shanghai oray company, was informed that due to the person in charge of the registration unit and the person in charge of the name wainfu, and the identity card on the name does not match, refused to turn out! After negotiations, in order to turn out to provide proof of identity of wainfu, the following is the process of negotiations:

Not to mention I was

I would, after szboai.com can transfer, transfer of the domain name, domain name registration information will display other ID information?

1, domain name transfer is the domain name transfer, then it is necessary to provide the identity of the domain name owner, if it can not be provided, and the domain name transfer is required in the transfer fee of 500 yuan.

2, registration!