in April 2014, where the customer was established less than seven years, with the transformation of millet trapped earlier than it seems "seven year itch". "Listen to the silent thunder", chairman in the old micro-blog for sale tomorrow, where customers 300 shirts were behind the words is not difficult to see the revival of the aged with Lei Jun investment ambitions, but "the ultimate single product will change many times has been hovering on the edge of the cliff where customers? The answer is not clear, but already the problem of warehousing and logistics investment atrophy, capital chain crisis, the quality of the products frequently criticized, business ideas Pumianerlai division.

do clothing industry millet

product positioning suffered questioned

in the transformation of half a year on the occasion, VANCL surrendered their transcripts on the day before. About 20 thousand pieces of VDP80 shirt was sold out in 20 minutes after the shelves. I also immediately announced that the group will offer second VDP80 shirt, in this month, however, full of new vitality in VANCL at the same time, there are many questions around it, do in the clothing industry seems to be a guest at the millet target. Whether it is screaming for the product promotion, or hunger marketing mode, and millet exactly the same. Although the internal claim has never been millet of the argument, but the industry has never stopped the topic.

for the industry of all passengers millet paste the colored label, where the relevant responsible person said that the clothing category and electronic products are essentially different, clothing substitutability is far higher than that of mobile phone. Although the two are similar in marketing, but we also know, this is two completely different industries. The 300 shirts recently produced as an example, this is where the challenge again in quality, embodies the pursuit of the ultimate quality of the customer. In February this year, the long silence in the old micro-blog said, "he said he only wanted a white shirt best, that night in June 2013. So, I kept asking, I kept looking, kept thinking. 300, today’s dream come true." In this process, such as jackets, duvet like category have also been growing, it is quite important to the customer of the transition. Asked whether the future will appear second "VANCL style", the source said, we do not exclude such marketing practices. In the future any market development, in line with the expectations of consumers are likely to be applied to.

marketing is important, but the product has played a decisive role. This hunger marketing drill into the alley where the industry brought many questions, media, business or consumer, or some people do not stop in the suspected location. Some internal staff also because of where the prospect for the challenge and choose to leave.

today, Li Xiang senior staff have left the guest (a pseudonym) still questions millet road where the clothing, he believes that this road is too far away from where the customer’s original intention, contrary to the user’s shopping experience logic. "Clothing is different from hand"