2000 to 2005, many industries B2B website was established, Ali, Sheng, HC has become the B2B industry giants. Many entrepreneurs do not hesitate to choose the B2B industry, and do not be in full swing, but the results as we expect the wonderful, do B2B industry website has a lot of, but the site is one of the few big and successful.

imitation and not beyond

many sites worship Alibaba, worship every column of Alibaba, not only the supply and demand information, as well as information, technology, blog, etc., they began to imitate Alibaba. Hire "network." the information copy and paste, can really bring value to the user is not much content.

we take this site and Alibaba to do comparison, and then how to imitate, after all, can not go beyond ali. Can not go beyond, how to attract users, if we really want to do a good job in the industry website, innovation is the lifeblood of B2B, we want to create the desired value of the product more users!

innovation brings new life

follow the trend of the people can not succeed, not sensitive to the changes of this era can not be successful. Even though we have achieved a little success through our efforts, we are pleased with the praise and support of the user, we can have a moment of celebration, you can adapt to their own reward. However, we must not be satisfied, we can not say that the success of the. This is an industry B2B website Lookchem responsible person said, the results are temporary, innovation can bring new life!

innovation is to improve the user experience

of course, innovation is not to ignore the user experience, but to improve the user experience. In the past, we may use excellent technology and our enthusiasm, spend a lot of energy to do a product we feel very good, but the user ignored, the user does not need. Therefore, innovation is not completely a powerful and unconstrained style, contrary to the user experience, but rather to be improved on the basis of the user experience, and to do meaningful changes, give users a surprise, and can let users, allowing users to love.

Dunhuang network broke through the traditional mode of information platform, creating a "pay for success," the online trading model, as the B2B industry site, the success of the Dunhuang network.

Youku is developed under the pressure of the outside world, Youku’s innovation lies in its combination of Hulu and Netflix two models, but also to achieve the scale of Internet TV company Youtube, Youku success.

and Ma Yun Alipay, is actually a "intermediary guarantee", in Ma Yun’s own words, this is a forced out innovation, but now Alipay has exceeded 560 million users.

There are many examples of


innovation, forever