with the rapid development of the network, B2C e-commerce website with its convenient, fast characteristics by more users of all ages. Compared to traditional shopping malls, B2C e-commerce sites can be classified in detail, providing users with a greater choice of space. The establishment of the website brand is the development and growth of each site must be a course, each well-known website is a brand, as long as the site has a brand and visibility, we do what is handy.

site in the establishment of the brand to do publicity, but how to achieve better publicity effect is more important. If the word "melatonin" in front of you, you will remember estimation. For example, Sina, Sohu and other sites believe that we are very familiar with. Have this effect in addition to advertising, more important is the "repeat", let the audience keep in mind the name, even if a memory is very poor, one can not remember, say ten times, twenty times, can not remember there is little memory, this is advertising the role of "repeat".

addition to the use of advertising to enhance brand awareness, brand self-worth is more important. Website brand can not just rely on advertising to establish, more important is the value of the site. Website construction and then there is the brand of creativity, if there is no real value, advertising is no longer good to do so, the site relies on the strength of brand building. Personally think that the ads "repeat" is not suitable for web site promotion, "repeat" there will only make people feel disgusted, although it will play a certain effect, consumers often think this website is very vulgar.

may say that the establishment of the site is relatively easy, but the site’s management and maintenance is very difficult, to do the brand website is not easy. As China’s shoe network’s electronic platform to beat the shoe network, is the most familiar footwear B2C website, the establishment of the difficulties at the beginning, technology, management, team and other issues are to be faced with the shoes. Making shoes as a new generation of shopping sites, sites with the theme of "easy shopping, enjoy" won the users favorite, making shoes adhering to the "sell only genuine brand sports shoes" purposes, in the footwear website foothold. Pat shoes network set up a professional technical team, professional website construction, to ensure the smooth conduct of the site. There is such a guarantee, making shoes to the direction of the brand construction of website development, constantly improve and update the construction site, to adapt to consumer demand, and something right on making shoes "pop is making shoes the success of the consumers for making shoes, is certainly also website brand the construction of the model of success.

some sites have been reported by some well-known websites, some of the authority of the official or media publicity, interviews, then all of a sudden it will make people feel this site is cattle, I feel this site should be very powerful. In this way, the site’s brand and visibility on the increase, and give people the feeling is very deep. But like making shoes really such website brand success is to let people admire, visibility in the media advertising effect is better than. >