Beijing time on August 27th morning news, according to foreign media reported today, a well-known group purchase website Groupon said over the past six months the performance of rapid growth, the amount of registered users at the end of the year is expected to reach 25 million, the total sales expected to reach $400 million. Groupon COO Robert · (Rob Solomon); Salomon said, the company recently with the retailer Gap jointly launched the sale was very successful, and now the other retailers also hope and Groupon to launch similar activities. "We have shown that Groupon can significantly increase site traffic."

Groupon and Gap jointly launched promotional activities allow users to purchase $50 to $25 coupons. Salomon said it had sold 441 thousand coupons, totaling more than $11 million. Groupon will share the profits with the retailer. Groupon believes that after the purchase of coupons, the actual consumption will remain more than $50, which means that Gap can increase sales of $30 million from the promotional activities.

Groupon revealed that the usual group buying event rate of up to 80%.

Salomon also said that the company registered in the past 5 months, the number of registered users soared from more than 15 million to more than 3 million, the number of employees increased by more than 3 times, has reached up to 1500 people. Groupon now operates in 29 countries around the world. Recently, Groupon acquired the Japanese and Russian competitors, so that the rapid growth of local business. Groupon also this year from the Russian Digital Sky Technology (Digital Sky Technologies) and Battery Ventures financing $135 million, but said there is no recent listing plan.

network group buying market increasingly fierce competition. The nation’s second largest buy site LivingSocial has also conducted several rounds of financing this year. The famous business review website Yelp today in San Diego (San Diego) launched the group purchase website, and announced several transactions have begun to provide services to local users. (Shu Ke)