is also a traditional business electricity supplier, Suning is expanding in the way of acquisitions, while the United States chose to integrate with traditional industries as far as possible.

Liu Ya (electricity supplier entrepreneurs)

recently, Suning Gome electricity supplier once again sparked widespread concern. In March 11th, a well-known electricity supplier observers by micro-blog broke the acquisition of this event was China Newegg, then both parties denied. On the same day, the United States announced the Kuba membership information and logistics integration and two Gome online electricity supplier website.

is also a traditional enterprise electricity supplier, the former is to expand the way of acquisition, while the latter chose to integrate with traditional industries as far as possible. For traditional businesses the way in which the "net", there is no model that can be used as a reference, Gome and Suning are also feeling the stones".

Suning Gome can

the same thing?

from the traditional core business digital home appliances to the expansion of multi category, Gome and Suning on the road of e-commerce, but also experienced a transition from vertical B2C to integrated B2C. Similar results, the process is very different.

Following the acquisition of

red child last year, will acquire Chinese Newegg by blasting. However, much of this possibility in the end? First of all, China Newegg main 3C digital, accessories and fashion goods, which to some extent with’s own core business in some extent overlap, the result is just the acquisition of increase in volume, not much help for the improvement of the structure of its own business.

and after the acquisition of red children, their integration is still not fully digested, if the acquisition of Chinese Newegg, will bring huge challenge and capital chain management.

and take the traditional merger in different ways, the United States is open by United States online Kuba two platforms in the supply chain, logistics, members and the entire shopping process fusion, on this basis, can be more vertical integration into the big platform of Gome.

in fact, throughout the industry, Suning Gome has completed the transformation from vertical integration, in the face of Ali, Jingdong and other strong competitors must further expand more of the new class, so they acquired or fusion to vertical electric is the same as the vertical extrusion or opportunity? From the two companies I believe the answer is very clear.

mode of contention will become the focus of

in the major electricity supplier price war is becoming more calm, the pattern of the dispute or will become the focus of future electricity supplier war. At present, the electricity supplier industry has a pure trading platform, proprietary electronic business platform, O2O online and offline integration platform three models. In the case of the parties to play the advantages of the model, the final competition is the ability to integrate upstream resources, downstream consumer service capabilities.