there is no doubt that when the network becomes water, electricity and gas as usual thoroughly before the arrival of E era, you can use your imagination to enlarge N N, to imagine everything may happen, like a Lucas movie is worth looking forward to.

but not the root of the future, some with no reality whatever too, all from the moment may what is happening about the economic crisis, domestic demand, weak exports, business environment flurry to fall out, as many businesses were "disruptive innovation" the most direct push, Giordano, Lining, Daphne, Pathfinder, Galanz…… Brand Company have launched e-commerce business, this time, e-commerce has become the key element of the fifth.

so, you think: sitting on hundreds of thousands of stores of traditional brands, how will open up the online battlefield (the Internet or mobile phone and other digital platforms)? For them, on-line sales whether there is a "Normandy landing"? How will they face once Dajiangshan dealers


is like a coincidence. In 2007, Lin Lihe Ren Zhaonian respectively found his new club, the two have Internet experience of young people had to choose the two Internet and quite a distance of traditional brands – Lining and Daphne, they face the same task, e-commerce company team building.

in 2009, seems to have become a big coincidence scene just the drama has been announced the establishment of enterprise electronic commerce department, the formation of a new channel team, including the home appliance company Galanz Electronic Commerce Department official operation, clothing brand Septwolves said that this year is the development of electronic commerce is a key year, Minsheng Bank Electronic the Ministry of commerce website from the B2C red child poached served as the general manager of a high-rise…… The next line of business to join the network carnival, but before 2008, the people’s eyes just hang around in the Taobao mall platform company, Jingdong.

changes in traditional enterprises, due to the rapid growth of online shopping transactions and the rapid formation of online shopping consumer behavior. In 2008, Taobao C2C platform is the largest annual turnover of 99 billion 960 million yuan, which is regarded as the node development of online shopping market, the turnover accounted for 1% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, which is equivalent to the year of each Chinese in Taobao on average consumption of 80 yuan. According to the International Online Retail Research Association, Dalian University of Technology lead Marketing Research Institute jointly do the "2008 consumer online shopping behavior research report", in more than half of the members were registered in 2008, the proportion reached 52.3%.

when offline consumers turned into a line of "buyers", when there are more and more "severe online shopping" appeared, the traditional brand enterprises no choice to transform into professional online sellers.

e-commerce will be a trend in the future, from the entire consumer market, from the consumer’s habits and habits to buy