Beijing on August 8th news, bet on intelligent mobile phone application to the development of their business venture company urged that the design of mobile application requires people to build a website in a totally different way.

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Flipboard · co-founder Evan (Evan Doll); Doyle said: "when you design a mobile application, I see two different considerations, one is around the restriction to the design, and the other is around the context to design." He pointed out that the mobile network fixed screen size, less powerful hardware and less abundant bandwidth will force you to design more simple products, but also force you away from something".

Doyle pointed out, download an application on the web than to click on a link to the need to spend more time, this also means that the Internet Co need to work hard to convince users to try and maintain their application. "The network can only be opened by clicking on two." Doyle said. "Users of mobile devices in the (application) performance problem is far from enough kind and generous."

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mobile photo sharing service Path CEO, former Facebook manager Dave · (Dave Morin); Maureen) said, from a mobile phone or tablet computer to intelligent personal computer website based on the "high difficulty of incredible", "desktop experience may not be to be converted to a mobile experience".

Facebook spent $1 billion acquisition of photo sharing application Instagram is a good example of a mobile first. From the beginning, the founders of Instagram use square format low resolution pictures, suitable for smaller file size, which greatly improves the usability of Instagram iPhone in the rectangle on the screen, more suitable for fast upload and download.

but, the design director of Ideo, a design consultancy, · (Tom Hulme) warned that this practice undermines the experience of Instagram users on the web. Look good in the small size of the screen pictures on a personal computer screen or print out will appear more particles and low quality — it may explain why Instagram is still not a complete desktop site. "I was told that they were very proud of their Instagram photos, but they were not able to show them on the larger screen, which made them feel depressed." He said. "Mobile priority does not need to be moved to move only."