if the foreign B2B profit model, e-commerce China should have great development space, but why do so many years later, China e-commerce is still stay in the primary stage of socialism ", and there is no breakthrough and innovation in the core of the profit model? The reason is very complex.

from the macro perspective, e-commerce market in western developed countries in the establishment of a strict market order on the basis of financial support and management level, the laws are very mature, and now China obviously do not have these conditions. Regardless of the legal problem is not only to say, financial and credit problems can make the electronic commerce have numerous cold-shoulder treatment: banking system Chinese is still in a "Warring States competition" stage, the lack of information sharing and mutual establishment of barriers, it limits the use level of e-commerce enterprises.

fact, strict control of the financial China, let B2B enterprise financial breakthrough is difficult to go, so, whether it is business or Alibaba, and the bank are to do everything possible to cooperate, in order to bypass the policy restrictions. In this regard, a positive example is that if there is no online banking system, Taobao can not achieve today’s scale.

from a cultural point of view, the Chinese people to follow the logic of thinking for thousands of years to do business also makes e-commerce applications blocked. E-commerce is the core of the transaction, there are many kinds of online trading profit model, in addition to the information intermediary and commission mode, etc., but these models to be implemented on the Internet, very difficult.

B2B electronic commerce mode can be divided into five categories: one is the market quotation, website services are limited in the information level, which is currently most of the domestic B2B sites; two is from simple transactions (one to one) to complex transactions (one to many), the Internet plays a role in the Subcontract, the seller to complete the transaction through bidding; three is the information will be converted to the corresponding index, B2B website combine online and offline, hoarding of goods to achieve profit, more suitable for the mode of steel and cement; four is the electronic commerce solution provider; five is the B2B website as a middleman, namely intermediary transaction.

in the field of e-commerce in China, in addition to the first model and the fifth models, no one is a commission. Not companies do not want to do, but simply can not do, which is mainly related to the Chinese people’s trading habits and trading psychology: Chinese people like to do business interviews. We take the usual way still is met through the network, and then discuss the evolution to meet, even if the Internet age also can not escape.

another deep-seated reason is the unspoken rules of Chinese business. Looking at the bulk of online transactions, in addition to Futures (can be hype), everyone likes to do business offline rather than online transactions, because everyone wants to draw water from it. If all of the transparency through the network, then the oil and water lubrication advantage will be greatly reduced, so this transaction model will be artificially set many obstacles.

is more important in our country