[Reuters] before the date of the state power, the 58 home announced that it will transition from the O2O home service area of the single service provider category 1 times to 2 times the self + platform track. This means that 58 home to self mode, the transformation of the third party platform.

, however, about 2 of the 58 home, how the original proprietary projects will be disposed of? To those who want to access the O2O enterprise is simple cooperation or investment?? with these businesses have doubts, billion state power network to rearrange these problems in suspense 58 home.

1, in the end how to access the 58 home?

58 home CEO Chen Xiaohua said that the future will invest more segments, each year will invest more than $50 million to support access to the platform of the third party O2O services. Such support is clearly enough temptation.


58 home open platform news release, many vertical O2O inquire about specific access scheme to billion state power network. But in the inquiry to the billion state power network after 58 home, did not get an accurate answer.

In 58

billion state power network home page website also did not find any businesses access policies, programs and other information.

has access to the enterprise, which attracted 58 home? Want to seek cooperation for O2O enterprises, 58 home is directed to invite, or open the door? In the process of operation, whether for business cooperation to develop a set of open and transparent standard 58 that do not have a positive home?.

however, billion state power network noted that in the conference, 58 home has said that all categories are to participate in the audit pricing, service standard. This also means that each product, 58 home will be deeply involved in order to do quality control.

2, will introduce similar vertical O2O?

58 home cooperation situation is fully open, training schools, funds and other partners may help our resources will be open, the 58 home will invest more segments." Chen Xiaohua said at the press conference.

according to the 58 home plan, this year will be connected to the platform of the new category of 20, including hundreds of partners. Meanwhile, the next three years, the city plans to invest $5 to $1 billion to the home platform.

so the question is: 58 home will be in the same category, invest in the same vertical class O2O enterprises, so that its internal competition?

, for example, is now home to the United States and the United States will be assigned to the business card printing home, whether it will be introduced in the United States and other 58 categories of beauty involved in competition. Is the survival of the fittest, or co – operation Chen Xiaohua in the conference did not answer.

3, self-employed, invested third party, how businesses even keeled

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at present, billion state power network to understand, beauty, home to massage, 58 months.