introduction: two channel electricity supplier as the vertical field of women, and recently has a new action.


two channel electricity supplier as women of the vertical field, and recently has a new action. Almost on the same day, Chen ou: "you never know what to do in the first half of this year Chen Ou" Declaration of and joint arm transformation, the EIU released the first Asian women online shopping Research Report "Asian women online shopping force in the rise of".

Asian women love online shopping

is reported that the report by the Economist Intelligence Agency EIU commissioned by independent research completed. According to EIU forecasts, 2015 Asian retail market is expected to average growth of 4.6%, reaching $7 trillion and 600 billion, far more than in Europe (0.8%) and North America (2.5%) market, ranked the world’s largest consumer market. With the popularity of e-commerce, mobile side of the strong development of Asia this year is expected to replace North America to become the world’s largest electricity supplier market. It is worth noting that women occupy a pivotal position in the entire Asian consumer market, online shopping has become a new way to promote women’s consumption in asia.

said that in the 90 million members, women accounted for more than 80% members, contributing nearly 90% of sales.

at the conference site, vice president Feng Jialu said: believes that the electricity supplier was the woman who had the world, and thus the first in the electricity business force ‘her economy’. As revealed by the survey, the trend of mobile electricity supplier, the strength of women anytime, anywhere online shopping will be further released. This report is not only for, in fact, for a wider range of women’s consumer industries, have practical application value."

research shows that women are not only responsible for clothing, cosmetics (88%) (88%), Home Furnishing (85%), daily necessities (85%), mother (69%) budget decision, still Home Furnishing (85%), travel (84%), (81%) and other types of electronic products has a strong influence, the leading female consumer trends gradually formed.

it is worth noting that shopping compared to the line, nearly half (49%) of women prefer online shopping (Chinese 69%); 63% of women every day at least Internet browsing of goods and services at a time, nearly 30% people a day visit two times or more. And women are more willing to shop for themselves, more than 62% of the women interviewed for most of their time online shopping (China is 74%). In addition, 41% of women feel too much for their own purchase, out of "guilt" mentality, will be husband, children and parents and other family members to buy something as compensation (China is more than 67%). focus on women’s demand for

such a report, it is no doubt that has been focused on the needs of women shopping is correct.