Fujian Provincial Council and the Fujian provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau network market supervision center, jointly issued a consumer alert before, consumers need to be wary of WeChat trading circle of friends bring "hard rights" etc.

Fujian Provincial Council relevant responsible person said, WeChat trading circle of friends "derivative" has the following characteristics and risks:

1, low threshold, small investment, everyone can become a micro business. Now open WeChat circle of friends, friends of the release of commercial advertising, skin care products, clothing, food, daily necessities, etc.. Relative to the traditional electricity supplier to the commodity as the core, micro business is to human core. It is the key for people to gain trust through relationships and sell goods through trust. Social shopping micro business era, do not have to have too many customers, as long as the maintenance of their own unique fans groups, improve the purchase frequency, it is possible to form a continuous purchase.

2, strong competition, profit margins. Micro business competition more and more intense, stockpile pressure, flow of funds, often in order to quickly ship cheap sell at a loss, and the micro business team are mostly part-time, customer service service often can not keep up.

3, rights difficult, difficult regulation, trade disputes common. WeChat trading behavior belongs to the circle of friends in private transactions, WeChat users do not have to register the identity card and other real information, once the product quality, customer service service disputes, food safety and other issues, evidence is difficult, the competent administrative department or the Council is difficult to accept.

Fujian Industrial and Commercial Bureau network market supervision command center and the Fujian Provincial Council jointly warned that "a large business platform micro business like that, both under the control and supervision of third party platform. Micro business exists in everyone’s social software and social circle, high degree of freedom, mobility, strong virtual, it is difficult to regulate. Now the use of micro business network marketing, illegal fund-raising, fraud phenomenon also It is often seen. rational consumers should distinguish, ask more carefully.

consumers should be cautious about some illegal micro business, a new marketing tool. If it is found that the sale of counterfeit goods or other illegal acts "derivative", should be timely to keep in mind, keep talking, transaction records and other evidence.

in addition, do not believe that the registration is not certified micro business, should be licensed to the regular shop or physical store to buy goods, so as not to be deceived.