"overlord" cold, heating equipment online shopping surge by week orders in Hainan area up to 559%

Zhao Chenting Chen Shanshan

Lunar New Year’s day, if you opened the door to see a foreign blond guy said "the Spring Festival, this is your express, don’t be too surprised, because suning.com plans to recruit foreign students express, to cope with the shortage of manpower during the spring festival.

in fact, while electricity supplier and O2O enterprises are eager for a fight to prepare before the Spring Festival season, in a 30 year "overlord" cold to the shortage of the logistics industry has brought more challenges.

The cooling and freezing weather on the impact of logistics

nationwide is mainly reflected in the aspects of delivery. "First Financial Daily" reporter from the rookie network to get the data show that in January 20th ~24 day, there are 13% parcels affected by the weather, parcel receipt speed is slow at the beginning of January 20%.

affected areas are mainly concentrated in 68 cities, including Shandong, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces of the larger cities. Compared to the recent weather changes, these areas are more obvious cooling, a rare phenomenon in recent years, such as road icing.

but in the super cold, after the Spring Festival, the shortage of manpower difficulties, but the electricity supplier who have sounded the Spring Festival is not closing the assembly. According to the reporter, in addition to suning.com’s "Ocean Express", the rookie network has gathered 120 thousand couriers, the Jingdong will invest about 60 million yuan to help employees work overtime and family reunion.

online shopping enthusiasm: Hainan heating equipment sales soared

although the weather is cold, but the enthusiasm of the online shopping family is still high, the electricity supplier in the past week, the most intuitive feeling is: heating products sold crazy; takeaway orders have also seen substantial growth.

suning.com told the "First Financial Daily reporters, in the past week (January 18th ~24), Suning platform national heating appliances sales growth of 71%, Southern China District, the fastest sales growth, reached 138%; East China sales growth of 91%. Just over the past two days, the national heating appliance sales grew by an average of $86%.

according to the data of the Jingdong, heater orders last week were increased by 144% orders from thermal underwear rose by 66%; and in just the past weekend, orders a heating appliances rose by 287%; orders rose 128% mom thermal underwear.

interestingly, Jingdong data show that in the past week, the Hainan area of the heating demand growth is the fastest, the order volume growth of 559%; followed by Guangdong, the order volume growth of 510%; third is Fujian, the order volume growth of 261%.

Suning choose Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, three different regions of the city