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relative to Taobao, Baidu "have ah" the number of shops including some shops very rare, which exists in name only, there ah 99% are Taobao owner to owner occupied a "pit" in the ah, not shit also occupied, in the event of a turnaround from Taobao ah, can pack up and leave, come back there do business ah.

days ago, Baidu "have ah" suddenly launched the store certification program to encourage buyers and sellers to make the first line transactions. It is reported that ah, this move is designed to help buyers to enhance the recognition of the store.

e-commerce platform to achieve the transaction, the user needs is the first factor, and the size of the volume of the number of users by the number of constraints, the more users, the greater the demand for natural, the volume will be maximized. While Baidu has ah this sudden increase in net sales threshold of stores, resulting in a large part of the dying owner put up the shutters. Shop quality is improved greatly, the number of shops base microfilm. Baidu has popularity will naturally receive fatal blow. On the Internet, a word to go shopping, first Baidu, Baidu has ah no, only Taobao has."


online shopping is accelerating popularity, but there are still a large number of Internet users have not yet joined the online shopping group. According to the statistics report of CNNIC twenty-third China Internet development data, as of the end of 2008, Internet users in the network shopping penetration rate of only 24.8%, only 74 million, that is to say there are more than 200 million users have never bought something online. In the United States, South Korea and other online shopping developed countries, the proportion was as high as 71%, 60.6%. Baidu has to rely on to drive the purchase of the number may be a little funny.

so many Internet users are not out of their own online shopping first, according to market research firm iResearch, for after the transaction before the transaction, the transaction is completed, the concern is the biggest obstacle, especially not to see the kind of goods, do not worry "mentality of the respondents accounted for 50.77%.

The store

certification program for Baidu "have ah" the release, the purpose is to help users dispel concerns, build trust of buyers and sellers, but did not find the gap between Internet users and online shopping proportion of the crux of the problem, but in all "with tremendous effort to" force "boots naoyang".

the next 3-5 years of e-commerce, Taobao, Tencent, Baidu has ah afraid to shoot, who is the master? The author behind pat, Taobao’s business model has been basically finalized, but steady development; pat ", followed by the IT industry be clever and sensible" each mature mode subsequently, then "transformed", the use of existing large the advantages of QQ users, a little force, they easily pick crown. Baidu has only finished oxtail.

any time, any commercial society, inevitably unique intrigues, so Baidu has ah, want to do is not to lead the Internet with Hing, but to reflect on their own business model, what is the use of Taobao’s business model, or you can launch the Internet industry hitherto unknown business model

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