first briefly introduced me to do this hotel reservation alliance website: June 10th to start doing their own independent website, independent domain name.

test: a charge promotion (3 days) just began to burn 200 yuan AdWords advertising to do, after testing, the turnover rate is too low, a dead end,

removed the ads!

test: two free promotion (over 25 days) is better than AdWords too much! Bookings are rushing to enhance


, a very serious problem, the reservation rates go up, but the turnover rate has been very low! Reservation success does not necessarily end the transaction, deepexperience! The following figure illustrates this! A serious blow to my confidence! A month subscription amount 1200 yuan. Real income only 130 yuan! There are a few did not check in!


hotel industry: a violent industry, but the hotel booking website is really working for others, the effort of the accumulation of customers, in the end it earned a little, little sad! ~ ~ two days ago I have to stop this hotel reservation station do not write this today! In order to let more novice detours!