often see many webmaster do rich, can I’ve been thinking through the network earn money? I’m the most commonly used tool is the search. Nothing can be found without it. I believe everyone is. Can you get some money from the search engine,


after careful analysis. See Baidu search a lot of keywords behind the first page full of promotion oh. One is to do a Baidu bidding. Baidu bidding I think you all know. Is to let your keywords. Then point your ranking of each IP Baidu to collect your money. Price per IP minimum 3 angle. Maximum ceiling. Who bid high who rank. Baidu made a profit. 360 line. Keywords tens of millions. Baidu is really a cow. GOOGLE is also doing. Just GOOGLE is right to test rankings. Same principle.

that’s what I think. Do these people really rich promotion. Even if a IP lowest price 3 yuan. 1000 people a day. That’s about $300. That month will be 9000 yuan. Cattle! Do these promotion really rich. Since these people are so rich. That’s what I think. Probably from these people earn money easily. How to earn it. Actually very simple. Baidu search promotion is only the first page. Search quality. The second page is natural rankings. That one page can’t satisfy some of these people. Ha-ha。 Business opportunities come. If my site is on page second. That doesn’t make it. Cardiac action.

looked at the search. I see a lot of rows in front of the open look at the site is a person ah. And the total station is HTML page. I think we’ve all seen this. Look into the matter. The principle is as follows:

1 registered CN domain name, CN domain name 1 yuan, the cost of 10 yuan. Admin5 also sells.

2.Taobao to buy a 10M space is 10 yuan a year. Buy 10. Cost 100 yuan. Is to buy a different space IP oh.

3 has a competitive ranking keywords of the 10 HTML sites. Mutual link. HTML site on the Internet to provide the basis for the generation of HTML for SEO services. Very suitable for use. Cost is 20 yuan a. Build 10. Cost 200 yuan.

the rest of the work is to find a web site links one or two. After a period of time. Search will be your 10 sites are included. Everybody knows. SEO ranking is the main site to generate HTML in line with SEO. Second is the chain. The main points are done. Ranking is only a matter of time. Generate HTML with SEO. This is very important. So find someone to help do stand. Be sure to tell him that. Chain well. I’ve said it in second. You have 10 websites in your own house, and the buying space is different IP. Web site keywords and content is not the same. So link. Search will also be regarded as a normal link. So the ranking of the two main conditions are met. At last