Ma Yun is considering a central question: investors love to listen to what the story? This paper from the Alibaba growth time, Alibaba was product of several products analysis the two part, to evaluate the value and growth prospects of the Alibaba.


Alibaba’s growth began in B2B. When the dotcom bubble began in 1999, there were a number of Internet companies in the country, but Alibaba’s B2B was the first company to complete its earnings. As a matter of fact, we look back and see that many of the first well-known Internet companies are no longer there. To live, and live well is Sina, Sohu, NetEase, three big portal (I only refers to the 99 years after the establishment of the company, not), which was NetEase NASDAQ delisting, then use the online games, has become the richest man, when in fact there are a number of extra interesting website, at that time under specific conditions constrained by many conditions, and failed to complete a good living, but the passage of time, by now, the form has once again come alive.

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B2C in 2000, when the sale of many Internet companies to carry out online test, but to restrict elements of the final, it is because the logistics and warehousing can not keep up, resulting in the fact cannot be completed online to sell up. I remember when we go to college, in a mall to buy instant noodles, late at night, they really sent to the. But I can’t hold on for a year. Now B2C is popular, it is because the necessary to keep up with. There is a micro-blog, in fact in 2000 when BBS has a similar evolution concept of micro-blog, but soon incognito, and now micro-blog why popular? To a certain extent, which is due to the mobile Internet, smartphones and 3G together boost, micro-blog began to breed, also has potential. Is actually very right — in a suitable opportunity to do proper work, can not go too fast.

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The Alibaba

B2B transaction, why can be the first to complete the surplus, is actually promoting achievements. The first set is China followed up big ups and downs in 1994 after the exchange rate reform of foreign trade added; second big background: after 1998 over the Internet technology development, greatly reduces the network cost. These two elements, B2B can get rapid development, B2B development to now, more also just stay in the information exchange function, skill level, relatively simple, in this transaction, the company’s many information posted on the website of Alibaba, so that foreign acquisitions, this category it is a Internet Co, Alibaba, Alibaba is a rather promotion company, it is labor intensive operations, nationwide recruitment affairs staff to promote the foreign trade many customers, allowing them to release product of Alibaba.