2016 ‘flying business fair and the tenth annual meeting of the Wanda business, although it has ended but the heat does not return, continue to form a focus of public opinion in the industry. Strategy to face the opportunity of a new round of Internet technology revolution, as the largest commercial entity event China, fifast business exposition for the entity industry in the transition context describes innovative growth blueprint to build inclusive innovation, sharing and open environment, make innovation achievements benefit the real industry conference.



of the Expo, the number of participants reached 45 thousand people; 140 exhibitors enterprises reach the intention of signing 5250; more than and 300 exhibitors brands reach the intention of signing 1082; fifast negotiation area to complete the signing of 648 Wanda Plaza business district; completed the signing of 3580. This gorgeous but the absolute strength of transcripts with data to prove the business entity can not shake, but also through the business alliance has the will and who fly the area to discuss the signing passion release of such a signal: Baotuan commercial entities are not only satisfied with the limited area warm or literally of e-commerce sales channels, they put more eyes on the future, seek change, innovation and exploration. China’s real estate business has been in the rapid development of the Internet transformation.

worth mentioning is that the rapid transformation of the entity, is in the open platform where the fly and fly where the business alliance to jointly promote the realization of only one year. Today, flying where to create entity + Internet open platform model has become the consensus of the real business, more and more companies have been recognized.


however, the further development of the transformation is still facing some problems, how to build a new eco system transformation, how to achieve efficient allocation of resources, optimization, how to cultivate a new chance of survival in the regional strong, market concentration ratio situation of weak industry? Fifast commercial Expo released the most urgent to interpret these key industries this is also the key business entities, the transformation of the internet.

keyword 1: consumption patterns upgrade Internet transformation

called the upgrading of consumption patterns, its essence is a change from the traditional economic experience to the Internet economy experience. Subsequently, the entity’s business model, customer positioning, product design will be a series of changes. So in the Internet economy ruled by the era, the business entity into how consumption from the traditional consumption mode to the Internet


the fifast commercial Expo is a very important point, is the professional perspective and practical business two pronged approach, the transformation and upgrading of economic and commercial entities. Two off.


"China’s consumer economy innovation and Development Forum", "innovation and Development Forum", "innovation and Development Forum of chain food and beverage," and "digital transformation and development of real business forum"