July 1, 2010, the implementation of the Interim Measures for the management of network commodity trading and related services, the domestic shop began to enter the real name system era. Widespread speculation, it will be on the taxes for online stores "prelude", a There were many discussions.

a year later, this speculation became a reality in Wuhan. The day before, Wuhan IRS opened the first domestic tax on the individual shop – Taobao women’s shop "my one percent" tax of 430 yuan. Allegedly, the crown above the Taobao crown shop will be included in the city’s tax collection scope.


shop received huge tax

shop in Wuhan, my one percent is the Taobao women’s clothing sales champion, the credit level to reach 3 gold crown, which means there are more than 2 million transactions. The Wuhan IRS second inspection bureau, multi master data display, the store in 2010 sales of more than 100 million yuan, the Bureau of the 2010 levy value-added tax, corporate income tax and fines totaling 4 million 307 thousand and 900 yuan. This is also the first disclosure of the first tax on personal shop.

Wuhan Municipal State Taxation Bureau second inspection bureau responsible person said, although China has not yet introduced to give the specific measures for tax, but according to China’s tax law, any transactions occurred in the territory of China should pay taxes.

the tax case, it means that Wuhan will put the individual shop into the overall tax supervision? The city tax department said, not across the board, and prepare the different collection methods according to the size of the shop. At present, the tax department has interviewed Wuhan city and 4 Taobao gold crown shop, Bushui requirements; notice to reach the level of the crown shop for tax registration and declaration issued, into the collection scope; the crown level following shop not taxed, but to supervision.

According to statistics, in 2010, China’s online shopping market transactions amounted to 498 billion yuan, accounting for the total retail sales of social consumer goods by 3.2%, of which nearly $400 billion in Taobao. As of the end of 2010, more than 30 thousand individual shop in Wuhan, with annual sales of about $8 billion, of which nearly 400 crown level.


how to develop tax standards


"one percent" Bushui caused widespread concern in the industry. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of individual shop owners in Wuhan, most of them are said to be prepared for the tax, more concerned about how to develop tax standards, and whether it will be fully promoted.

citizens Xu Song opened an electronic digital products shop in Taobao, 5 years to become a double crown. In accordance with the plan of Wuhan IRS, his shop will be included in the scope of taxation. "If the tax exceeds the tolerance range, I had to close down." He said that the shop is now more and more intense competition, profit margins have been compressed, especially electronic digital standard products, the price is open >