diagram: Taobao ID:am1220

gender: female

age: 27

Education: undergraduate

location: Beijing

shop name: prodigal girls

business type: creative home

seller reputation: three heart

Amoy friends Hello, I just opened 20 days of the new treasurer. Open shop began to deploy things from July this year, July 20th in its store planning, shop 20 days to now, a total of 50 customers, three hearts, I fought for 20 days, it was a lot of emotion, in general is more than the joy of distress, achievements outweigh.


diagram: I now set up their own successful experience and lack of shopping and lessons to share with you.

a novice to find more suitable for their own products:

because I am a new seller, no experience, I am on the shelves, more conservative, I follow a few principles:

first: electric, electronic products do not, because of fear of the use of an accident, or unexplained damage.

second: with the size of products, because fear is not good just the right size, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

third: health care products do not, because this effect is not good assessment, but also afraid of some unclear issues.

fourth: mail fragile, easy deformation of the product is not afraid of causing complaints. Lost the cost of credit.

based on more than a few reasons, plus my personal Home Furnishing normally on the small persistent love, I chose Home Furnishing creative products, with some funny trick toys. I made a simple survey with friends and colleagues and a few friends on the shelves, the other party can accept my product, this, I am more confident. (~ ~ hee hee sun several baby)

must tell you the shopkeeper mention here:

1. Product categories: products should not be many feel which are not professional, the customer is not easy to remember, there are stores of goods feeling, and if the variety, the shopkeeper from energy can not guarantee good care.

2 to find a good source of purchase, to ensure that the price advantage: (Taobao fight service, spell price, spell Marketing)

actually this is my lesson, I found the first product price is relatively high, there are a few customers want to buy away, and I feel very sorry, but also began to spend great efforts to find products manufacturers. Finally, I shop around two weeks to find a product of the, compared to the price advantage.