in recent years, with the development of our economy, more and more labor-intensive enterprises will face a difficult problem". There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the cost pressures, changes in consumer habits are the main reason. I hurry we are actively looking for how to go to the inventory method, then they found a new way of marketing business, and then as the difficulties of the life-saving straw tread on air. In fact, the electricity supplier is not a solution to inventory.

of course, we do not deny that the electricity supplier in the inventory of the enterprise to bring a positive role, it also eased the pressure on the enterprise inventory, bringing new sales channels. But these seemingly better sales is only a superficial phenomenon, behind it has always followed the laws of the market, not to open up a new market.

our consumer market actually is so big, consumers choose online shopping when more and more people the way, will inevitably impact on the sales of the line, a simple understanding is the electricity supplier and the line exists to snatch market relations. From the consumer market, the arrival of the national online shopping, it will accelerate the occurrence of this phenomenon. Not only the young people, even the middle-aged consumers also started the habit of the little mouse and touch screen at home and wait for things to send home.

keen on online shopping, people will inevitably reduce the number of times they go shopping. For offline sales, there is no customer visit, naturally there will be no sales. The electricity supplier has the advantage of being able to quickly transfer the latest discount information, on the network’s first new cost is relatively low, good exposure and publicity, but also can bring immediate orders, goods in rapidly changing shoes market, many enterprises have been more and more recognized. These are offline sales can not be compared to the disadvantage.

sales under the line to maintain the existing electricity supplier to eliminate the phenomenon of corporate stocks, we believe that this is a convenient way to promote online shopping to eliminate the performance of the remaining consumer market. At the same time, in the capital market under pressure, part of the clothing brand shop, the blind pursuit of speed, speed of production have greatly improved, but the single level of efficiency decline, resulting in increased inventory. In addition, part of the enterprise’s logistics management level, information management level is not perfect, the market reaction speed is slow, also easy to produce inventory backlog. After all, the market demand is only so big, even if the growth is far behind the pace of enterprise production.

if you encounter a downturn in demand, then the high inventory will become a most common problem, even if the electricity supplier is not open around this problem. Perhaps now electricity providers can help companies get the rest of the consumer market, but with the popularity of the electricity supplier, the transfer of consumer electricity supplier, the next line sales pressure is still high. Enterprises can not simply to the existing results of the electricity supplier is wrong to go to the inventory of synonymous, in fact, electricity supplier is not a solution to inventory. This article Admin5 first, please remember us: Classic shopping mall reprint please indicate the source, thank you >