August 6th morning news, video sharing website six room CEO Liu Yan last night told Sina Technology, six rooms, a new domain name will be officially opened today, and also disclosed a tortuous course for and

at 4 p.m. on August 3rd, a piece of news broke the calm of the six rooms. A media reported that the six rooms have been the price of 5 million yuan to buy a single digital domain name At this time, the domain name has been changed to contact the six room of the company’s vice president Zhu Xiaoming, domain names for all companies "Beijing Sun Zhuang Technology Co., Ltd.", but the domain name has not yet pointed to the home of the six rooms.

At that time, sina

technology to contact Liu Yan, the rumors on the phone, said not yet the final consensus, there are a lot of things are not disclosed.

yesterday evening, Liu Yan finally spoke. He told Sina Technology, the situation is the domain name trading contract has been signed, the domain name contact also changed to six rooms, (Liu Yan confirmed Beijing Sun Zhuang Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Association for science and technology limited company of the six rooms, six rooms) but the company has not yet received a domain background operation could not change the password, so the domain name point.

"that afternoon my phone had been ringing off the hook." Liu Yan said "they" refers to the domain name of the seller, "because we have a confidentiality agreement, the transaction is not completed when the external."

Liu Yan said, because for a lot of competitors, the news was leaked out, it also allows six rooms to speed up the domain name transaction procedures. Liu Yan said, and and different belong to a seller, so the bid is met a lot of opponents, "some valued, some valued, but for six rooms, is certainly to buy two together to buy."

"bid for the opponent is including P2P video playback, also has video sharing website counterparts, including two top five or similar sites, and even met one of my friends." Liu Yan said that the six rooms are not competing for the high price of these two domain names, but determined by the "quick start". Liu Yan said that hinder his determination, not the price, but on the site positioning. Liu Yan said, six of the original domain name 6rooms "very western style", the company name changed to after the worry worry about Elite positioning will affect the six rooms.

but later we have discussed that the general Internet users on the 6rooms some spelling difficulties, six rooms also need to cover a wider range of low-end, so determined to buy these two domain names." Liu Yan said.

for the price of the deal, Liu Yan on grounds of confidentiality agreements not refused to disclose, but said a total of two domain names in millions of yuan level; before the media reported 5 million yuan, Liu Yan also said the evaluation is not accurate, but he said that although there are many competing.