We all know that

is a tactical blitz during the Second World War the first and often use the way to overtake the enemy to win. Surprise, fast attack is concentrated together, will be like a lightning strike the enemy! Can make the enemy under the threat of sudden loss of morale.

handle network frequently recently, shortly before the first announced that he has been profitable, then bought a Xi’an group purchase website group Lele, Taylor, led to a questioning and sigh of sound is mixed. When we talk about the issue of mergers and acquisitions, hand in hand 7 announced the acquisition of Jinsha River Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd., completed the A round of financing of the three. The handle has deep pockets, the amount totaled $5 million. The next thing we all know, it opened last night with 100 cities, almost all the first tier cities. The suddenness of a thunderbolt masterpiece, has a number of domestic small and medium-sized group purchase website. In the industry was surprised at the same time, the rich hand also played a day free (send one yuan) pumping iPad marketing activities, the number of the first day of 1, the next 10 days increased 1.

this series of initiatives, enough to see the original focus network founder Wu Bo is a frequent coup, had to let the people of admiration.


contrast handle publicity, the U.S. group seems to be a lot of low-key. Wang Xing has always been relatively low-key, but also more pragmatic. From the United States Mission online to see only opened 3 cities, the focus is still Beijing. Other domestic group purchase website love help group, F group, Zhuo group, Groupon, seems to have no movement. It is reported that a lot of small cities in the hands of the line has been paving the site has wanted to give up to continue to operate.

many people see in their eyes the iPad handles the marketing outcome is how, for the opening of the 100 city will be like 58 years of the great leap forward, anxious, finally suffer a big? Obviously, the Blitz handle must be pocketed the eye, website traffic gas and influence will greatly increase.

just from the news to see the lawyer said handle net -1 yuan to buy iPad suspected of misleading consumers. TechWeb call Sun Hongxia lawyer, lawyer Sun Hongxia believes that the information published on this website is suspected of misleading or deceive consumers, saying that advertising should be practical and realistic, not exaggerated, but not false. The top of the page clearly shows that users pay $-1 to a group purchase iPad tablet computer, but in the process of page drop-down will find "-1" only provides an opportunity to buy the lottery, the user can only participate in sweepstakes, group purchase price 4880 yuan apple iPad computer on a flat plate. Of course, the industry are aware that this is just a way of marketing.

Prior to this,

has been covered in 108 cities in the country, has been in the forefront of the domestic group buying site, do not want to easily handle network behind. This is difficult to handle the net >