makes it easier for customers to make public comments about your products that will reduce sales.

(Fortune Small Business) – like many retailers, Jim Hobart (Jim Hobart) is well aware of the value of praise.

Hobart and jointly established a shop in, which has a page full of selected customer reviews, comments on the object the site’s Alpaca sweaters, socks and yarn. But recently, 47 year old Hobart wants to go further, he and PowerReviews company, using the company’s software, consumers can directly evaluate their products on the retailer’s website.

is a risk to the company, which is based in Brent, California, only four years since its founding in the city of. Hobart soon received some bad press — such as consumers said the store "Cardigan Golf Jacket wearing sweat easily" or "not fit". They all gave the coat a three star (five stars).

, however, found in Hobart to install the PowerReview service after a month, with reviews of product sales increased 23% (including the Cardigan shirt, the average score is 4).

"people really look at the products they buy," he said. "We know that customers love our products and want them to do it for us."

since Amazon ( in 1997, the first use of online reviews, this approach has been widely spread. Many of the "mass shopping" sites are rising, like Kaboodle and ShopWiki, and some of the customer reviews of the web are also emerging, including Yelp and Judy ‘s Book. But today’s user feedback software is getting better and better, more humane, more and more cheap, small companies can afford.

consumers online shopping more and more used to view comments. Forster Research Corporation (Forrester Research) a recent survey shows that online shopping to comment as they need most network features, senior consultant Forster Jacqueline. Anderson (Jacqueline Anderson) said: "people want to communicate with people in my circle".

ForeSee Results is a consumer satisfaction survey company website, the company CEO Larry. Fred (Larry Freed) said: "if they leave your site to comment, they usually won’t come back again."

It’s not easy for

to find good reviews, and Hobart has found it. In 2006, he took 2200 pieces of AlpacaDirect products sold on Amazon, found that there are user reviews >