online shopping is no longer synonymous with fresh and stylish, now if you haven’t tried online shopping, can make clear that "you out"! Statistics show that in 2009 Chinese network shopping market in the first half of the transaction size has exceeded 100 billion yuan, while the rapid growth of the online shopping mall is particularly eye-catching: iResearch data show that in May 2009, covering nearly 130 million the number of online shopping mall, mall users even the high growth rate.

31 year old Ms. Wang is a company staff. According to her, the popular online shopping unit of many of my colleagues I have, her four years of experience in online shopping. Began to buy books, buy clothes, and now, just finished her new home decoration, home fabric, kitchen and so on by the mouse to get rid of, and even refrigerators, color TV appliances such as this also decided to buy online mall. In addition to affordable, but also for us to save a lot of time." Ms. Wang said.

with the formation of a new consumer concept of our consumers, online shopping with its economy, convenience, comparability, many of the advantages of becoming the most popular way of shopping. Survey authority "iResearch": in 2009, Home Furnishing daily commodities has become the new darling of online shopping, clothing, cosmetics, mobile phone has more than the first half of this year, as the highest category of goods turnover. This shows that the network has penetrated into every corner of the consumer shopping type.

to Haier, COFCO group as the representative of the large enterprises, they built the mall site, because no money capital concerns. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, capital has become the main bottleneck of its expansion of the market. Online mall low cost, high rate of return is more suitable for small and medium enterprise applications, and become a new channel to quickly open its popularity.

what is the prospect of the establishment of online shopping mall, where there is a iResearch statistics: the domestic online retail market this year will reach 126 billion 300 million yuan in 2011 is expected to reach $569 billion. At present, China has 120 million of online shoppers. It is hoped that the consulting report shows that the average monthly income of the online shopping platform employment population reached 2080 yuan.

has such a large online shopping base, borrow "A World Without Thieves" in Li Shu words — "can responsibly tell you:" the majority of small and medium enterprises will accomplish a great deal, and prospects.

, however, due to lack of understanding of the mall site, the lack of funds, there is no technical team, SMEs rely on their ability to establish the feasibility of electronic mall almost zero. According to informed sources, the company will launch the first mainone million mall website recently, with nearly ten thousand million net Ming Industry Alliance to promote, hope can help SMEs to reduce the manpower and financial resources, to achieve better economic benefits.