March 1st is the big promotion day, from the ubiquitous big promotion advertising, to the brightest star big coffee to help out, once speak for themselves a lot of Chen Ouhua mind. However, the Internet search "Meida poly promotion", but found the news less and less, caused by privatization controversy but rampant.

February 16th, announced the receipt of the privatization offer from CEO Chen Europe, Sequoia Capital intends to submit, every ADS (ADS, refers to the deposit agreement, the issuance of Listed Companies in the United States stock) $7 privatization. This price is higher than the last ten days average price of about 27%, but compared with’s 2014 issue price of $22, has shrunk by 68.2%, which means that’s early investors will suffer a great loss.

news, Public opinion is seething with indignation. Second days, shareholders began Baotuan rights, while has not caused by the private rights event statement. Activist investors have begun to calm, hoping to find a way to minimize losses.

investors heating

ten days later, the determination of investor rights has not shaken. "IT times" reporter in the "United States activist investors see the shareholders’ rights group, the group currently has gathered nearly 300 groups of friends, mostly by the loss in the privatization of small and medium-sized shareholders of

owns 6000 shares of Li Zhao (a pseudonym) told "IT times" reporter, he had lost nearly $forty thousand. Li Zhao living in the United States has been more optimistic about the domestic companies listed in the United States, is willing to long-term investment in those he is optimistic about stocks. "I am not afraid of falling, I believe their value, but did not expect the United States to this hand." Li Zhao believe that the United States privatization practices is not wrong, but "not too good, the United States is forced to sell at a loss in people with lower price."

in fact, tens of thousands of dollars is not what, but it hurt the heart, "Li was a little lonely. In Li Zhao, the investor’s view, the number of losses is one thing, the harm caused by the Chinese enterprises to the sea can not be avoided.

Li Zhaoxiang reporter said that he bought only stocks in the investment, and domestic enterprises want to grow together, but in the future should not be so investment."

the main group of activist group told reporters,’s low-cost assault privatization, hurt takes stock of the credibility and value investors, the impact of their own in the United States listed shares of confidence, but the second is "to restore the loss."

, the current group is the largest loss of $4 million, the loss of more than $1 million there are also four or five, hundreds of thousands of dollars more." The group leader told reporters.

in the WeChat group announcement, the reporter saw 7 rights programs, namely, the collective entrusted overseas litigation, domestic litigation >