speed transit network of the mobile Internet era coming round, let the mobile A new force suddenly rises. Recently, Jingdong announced that its mobile subscribers exceeded 80 million, the number of mobile terminal orders completed more than 100 thousand single day, accounting for more than 10%. Analysts pointed out: for any mobile APP, the user has such an order of magnitude is a thing, not to mention this is the 80 million will pay a single electricity supplier users."

currently, Jingdong mobile terminal covers almost all mobile terminal platforms, including Android, iOS, WP, Win8, is one of the largest B2C client. Through complex and complicated consumer data, many users of mobile shopping habits have been sketched out. For example, Jingdong mobile end users, iPad users is a typical shopping weekend single family weekend without sleep "- orders higher than that of the working day, and more in the evening after 19:00 orders, 22:00 orders after the peak of their day, a large number of mobile users will complete the shopping at bedtime.

in addition, in the Jingdong of Android users in order to buy a mobile phone, digital, men’s shoes, the majority of users, embodies the distinctive characteristics of the male; while iPhone users order to nursing makeup and articles are mostly young female tendency is obvious; the iPad user orders are also distinctive, household appliances, mother, Home Furnishing Jiezhuang mainstream, reflect the deep home atmosphere. Integrated mobile terminal characteristics and Jingdong order relatively than can be seen, iPad end users more women, and because of its better display effect, make the appearance of association members who can be more clear, convenient to compare products, to further enhance the user experience of online shopping.

to a more thorough explanation of mobile shopping, Jingdong’s promotion policy is tilted to the mobile terminal, on the ten anniversary of the "million red envelopes, all in the" palm "grip" campaign so that mobile shopping users have more wonderful benefits. In addition, a large number of goods in the mobile terminal login, and enjoy the exclusive price of the mobile terminal, exclusive explosive products so that users have the power to open the mobile terminal every day, looking forward to the surprise. "Jingdong in the mobile phone client on the palm I love most, seckill" will go to participate in every day, only the mobile phone can participate in Oh ", a user said:" in fact, in addition to grab, grab cheap value, good experience will make me a good habit, often see other commodities, over time, shopping in the Jingdong with the mobile phone has become a natural". According to "the first half of 2013, the mobile terminal part of the promotional activities into order and the proportion of Jingdong" can be found, the mobile end users are most interested in "seckill, explosion" of these two types of activities (because these two types of activities into the general orders accounted for the highest), the reason is, explosive activity seckill more cost-effective, more users can enjoy both authentic and cheap, "online shopping.

is not difficult to see, their own hard power, the mobile side of the excellent experience, with the exclusive policy, 80 million mobile users come from this. Looking forward to the future development