in 2014, we began to focus on products online mall / industrial products online supermarket development, according to the data clearly show that, more and more companies to join the ranks of online sales of industrial products. More and more companies began to build their own online mall industrial products, through self marketing or business settled mode of operation.

why more and more companies will enter this field? We Rebs said, standing on the air, pigs can fly. According to incomplete statistics, the market size of industrial products will reach one trillion yuan level. Most industrial products online mall area: Grainger, annual sales reached $700 million. It is conceivable that the potential of this market has not been developed. For this reason, the vision of the company began to set foot in the industrial products industry, have opened an online shopping mall. Alibaba in 2014 also began to increase the index of his industrial brand mall, to prepare for the layout of the industrial market. The industrial product market gradually showing the situation of a hundred flowers contend in beauty.


in the current view, goods online shopping mall industry business model is divided into two types: one is self marketing; the other is the merchants settled. It is understandable that these two models can be achieved, but also because of this, the homogenization of serious industrial products mall. In many industrial products mall, how to become a major industrial products across the wall.

after a lot of industrial products mall business model for a detailed, in-depth understanding, we have a strong interest in Guangdong, an industrial commodity Mall – No. 8 warehouse industrial mall.


we are on the No. 8 warehouse industrial mall interest precisely because of his business model, as merchants settled is different, this is currently the only one not to rely on the flow of transactions mall. Their model is the "V2V" model, that is, the model of the supplier to the customer, the supplier and the supplier to buy each other.

why No. 8 warehouse industrial mall can rely on this model break a piece of heaven and earth? It can answer industrial goods Mall (Industrial supermarket) way where? The answer is the business model, for example under the No. 8 warehouse industrial mall business model: the two settled business, one is hardware tools, one is made of labor supplies, hardware tools manufacturers do not produce labor supplies, but labor supplies is essential in hardware manufacturers, so manufacturers can go to labor kg tool manufacturers procurement, similarly, labor supplies manufacturers can also go to the hardware manufacturers purchase their hardware tools required. This forms the mutual procurement. There is also a feature of the mall is located in No. 8 warehouse needs to deposit 3000 of the purchase price, with the purchase of goods they need in the mall. This feature in addition to allow businesses to enter the formation of purchasing habits, but also to allow businesses to enter each month in the formation of the 8 warehouse mall mutual procurement. They are now in business